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Simply Sun~Ni Recipes: The Ultimate Summer Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Over here on the East Coast, it was a dreary, rainy day yesterday. We thought nothing could satisfy our souls more than a grilled cheese sandwich. There are so many recipes that we incorporate our cheeses into each week. In the beginning of each week, we like to “string” a few packages of cheese to have it on hand. Having kids help is a great little activity 🙂 We adapted this recipe we found on Taste Spotting . We switched up some of the ingredients for their Green Goddess Grilled Cheese sandwich.

One of the ingredients is pesto. With the abundance of summer basil, we love to make a few variations. We put the pesto in ice-cube trays, freeze them and store in freezer bags. This makes it super easy to have measured portions ready to use. We also get sneaky on the kids and add other veggies into the pesto. Enjoy! 🙂

The Ultimate Summer Grilled Cheese Sandwich


2 slices bread of bread ( we used a homemade whole wheat but sourdough would be wonderful too! )

1-2 tablespoons Pesto

3-4 oz of strung out Sun~Ni String cheese

A grab of fresh baby spinach

1/2 avocado, sliced

2 slices fresh Jersey tomatoes

2 tablespoons mild goat cheese or feta, crumbled ( Yes! We have cheese friends and like to mix it up )

1 Tbs olive oil and 1tsp butter ( feel free to omit the butter )


Spread both pieces of bread with the pesto. Top one slice of bread with the spinach, tomato, string cheese, avocado, and lastly the goat cheese. Put the 2nd slice of bread on top, pesto side down.

Heat the olive oil in a pan or griddle. Grill the sandwich until golden brown on the one side. Remember to press down slightly while cooking. Gently flip the sandwich and continue cooking on the other side. About 8-10 minutes total.

Serve this alone, with some healthy chips or a nice bowl of a cold summer soup.

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