The Sun~Ni Cheese Company

Sun~Ni Style : Perfect Pairings

Whether you are having a cocktail party or a wine tasting, cheese makes the perfect addition to any menu. We absolutely love pairing cheese with wine, cider, beer and cocktails. Here are a few suggestions for matching our cheeses with libations. Of course they also go well with nonalcoholic drinks ! But if you do imbibe, or are unsure of what to serve for adult beverages, we have some ideas for you here :

Original String Cheese:

Due to the mild flavor, our original string cheese pairs nicely with just about anything. Now that it is Summer, we suggest wines such as Chenin Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Rieslings, Sauvignon Blanc and White Bordeaux. If you aren’t into wine, we can’t think of anything better than an ice-cold beer on a hot day. The refreshingly subtle flavor doesn’t conflict with the rich, nutty characteristics of good hoppy beer. Feel free to choose a drink that has some flavor and body with this cheese.

Marinated String Cheese:

This cheese is marinated overnight in olive oil and a bouquet of spices including red pepper flakes. It provides a nice contrast when partnered with an effervescent wine like champagne. As for a cocktail, a light citrus based martini or cucumber Mojito, is a cool juxtaposition to the seasonings in the marinade.

Hickory Smoked Cheese:

This is our boldest cheese and life of the party. Due to the expressive flavor, we like to suggest something that is a bit more sweet. Try a nice Sauterne or Gewurztraminer. Outside of grapes and hops, we recently had a delicious pear cider that would work perfectly with this cheese.


Make sure to choose the perfect accompaniment to go with your cheese tastings. Not only for presentation, but also flavor. Depending on the cheese, we suggest: cured meats, grilled vegetables, olives, honey combs, jellies and fruit. Get creative and marry flavors that might surprise your guests.

We hope your summer is off to a delicious start. Thanks for reading and see you on the blog again soon !

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